JIS G3192 SS540 high strength H-beams I-beams stock china
Source:Xin Steel Industry   Date:2019/03/18


JIS G3192 SS540 high strength H-beams I-beams stock china

H beams JIS G3192 SS540 IPE HEA mainly used to construct mezzanines,platforms,bridges and common building constructions.SS540 I beams are strong used to creat large and spacious rooms with minimal suppor channels.JIS G3192 SS540 W shaped,wide flange beams are most commonly used in residential constructions.Xinsteel keeps thousands tons SS540 H beams,SS540 wide flanges,SS540 I beams with differnent dimensions for shipment sooner.

Original certificates for each JIS G3192 SS540 steel beams can be tracking from producing mill.Xinsteel offer tracking pictures and videos for the whole stock steel beams delivey process including picking up from our stock warehouse,hard marking and print marking on steel beams surface checking,cutting,welding,primer painting,etc.
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