High strength steel plate S690QL,Q690E,STRENX 700 E and Weldox 700E
Source:Xin Steel Industry   Date:2022/09/20

High strength steel plate S690QL,Q690E,STRENX 700 E and Weldox 700E are all equivalent steel grades which requires impacting test temperature at -40 Degree centigrade with minimum values of impact energy at 30 J on longitudinal V-notch test pieces.Heat treatment shall be done with Quenching and Tempering for steel plate Q690E,steel plate S690QL,steel plate STRENX 700 E and steel plate Weldox 700E.

Steel plate Q690E comes from chinese steel specification GB/T 16270-2009 High strength structural steel plates in the quenched and tempered condition.According the different tensile strength and impacting test temperature,there are steel grades Q460C steel plate,Q460D steel plate,Q460E steel plate,Q460F steel plate,Q500C steel plate,Q500D steel plate,Q500E steel plate,Q500F steel plate,Q550C steel plate,Q550D steel plate,Q550E steel plate,Q550F steel plate,Q620C steel plate,Q620D steel plate,Q620E steel plate,Q620F steel plate,Q690C steel plate,Q690D steel plate,Q690E steel plate,Q690F steel plate,Q800C steel plate,Q800D steel plate,Q800E steel plate,Q800F steel plate,Q890C steel plate,Q890D steel plate,Q890E steel plate,Q890F steel plate,Q960C steel plate,Q960D steel plate,Q960E steel plate,Q960F steel plate.


Steel plate S690QL is produced comply to EN standard EN 10025-6 specification,Hot rolled high yield strength structural steels in the quenched and tempered condition.Other relative steel grades including S460Q steel plate,s460QL steel plate,S460QL1 steel plate,S500Q steel plate,s500QL steel plate,S500QL1 steel plate,S550Q steel plate,s550QL steel plate,S550QL1 steel plate,S620Q steel plate,s620QL steel plate,S620QL1 steel plate,S690Q steel plate,s690QL steel plate,S690QL1 steel plate,S890Q steel plate,s890QL steel plate,S890QL1 steel plate,S960Q steel plate,s960QL steel plate.


STRENX 700 E and Weldox 700E is higher tensile strength steel plate produced by SSAB,plate thickness range from 4-160mm (0.157’’ to 6.299’’) tyoical application include demanding load-bearing structures.Other relative steel grades includes STRENX 700MC D steel sheet,STRENX 700MC E steel sheet,STRENX 700MC F steel plate,STRENX 700MC PLUS steel sheet,STRENX 700 OME steel plate,STRENX P700 steel plate,STRENX 700 CR steel sheet,coil and slit coil.