Comparasion with ASTM A515 and A516 steel plate
Source:Xin Steel Industry   Date:2022/07/25

ASTM A515 steel plate includes A515 GR.60 steel plate,A515 GR.65 steel plate and A515 GR.70 steel plate with carbon and silicon elements which is primarily used for intermediate and higher temperature service in welded boilers and other pressure vessels.

ASTM A516 steel plate includes A516 GR.55 steel plate,A516 GR.60 steel plate,A516 GR.65 steel plate and A516 GR.70 steel plate is carbon steel for moderate and lower temperature service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch toughness is important.

All steel materials for ASTM A515 and A516 shall be killed and shall conform to the fine austenitic grain size requirement of specification A20/A20M.As roll condition supplies for steel plate thickness 40mm and under and normalized condition supplies for steel plate thickness over 40mm.

If need charpy V-notch impact test for these A515 steel plate and A516 steel plate,customers need to inform us impacting temperature and impacting absorb energy average values and minimum values for three specimens.