JIS G4051 S48C S50C S53C thick carbon steel plates stock
Source:Xin Steel Industry   Date:2018/06/19


JIS G4051 S48C S50C S53C thick carbon steel plates stock


Xinsteel keeps quality carbon steel plates S48C S50C thick steel plates and heavy steel plates S53C in our owned warehouse with different dimensions and sizes.


Original mills are Wuyang steel mill (Wugang) which is china national owned first class steel mills.New brand and high quality is guaranteed for these stock steel plates.


Stock sizes for quality carbon structure steel plates S48C S50C S53C


Original certificates for each steel plate can be tracking from producing mill.Xinsteel offer tracking pictures and videos for the whole stock plates delivey process including picking up from our stock warehouse,hard marking and print marking on steel plates surface checking,cutting,welding,primer painting,etc.


Sotck quality carbon structure steel plates S48C,heavy steel plates S50C,thick steel plates S53C in stock delivery to our port only need 3 working days ready for shipment.Xinsteel is the first hand stock holder here.


Get stocklist soonest,please contact Mr.John Han




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