A285 Grade A SA285 Grade A boiler and pressure vessel steel plate
Source:Xin Steel Industry   Date:2012/11/22

Boiler steel plate A285 Grade A and Boiler steel plate SA285 Grade A is under steel designation A 285/A 285M and SA 285/SA 285M steel standard specification for pressure vessel steel plates,carbon steel,low and intermediate tensile strength boiler steel.Generally boiler steel plate A285 Grade A are supplied in the as-rolled,normalised or stress relieved also can be offered if customers ordered.All rolling normally shall be comforted to A 20/A 20M,if the requirements of this specification are in conflict with the requirements of specification A 20/A 20M,the requirements of this specification shall prevail.

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Other relative pressure vessel steel grades under steel standard ASTM and ASME are S/A387Gr11CL1 boiler steel plate,S/A387Gr11CL2 steel plate,S/A387Gr12CL1 alloy steel plate,S/A387Gr12CL2 pressure vessel steel plate,S/A387Gr22CL1 steel plate,S/A387Gr22CL2 boiler steel plate,S/A455 pressure vessel steel plate,S/A515 Grade 55 steel plate,S/A515 Grade 60 steel sheet,S/A515 Grade 65 boiler steel plate,S/A515 Grade 70 pressure vessel steel plate,S/A516 Grade 55 boiler steel plate,S/A516 Grade 60 steel plate,S/A516 Grade 65 alloy steel plate,S/A516 Grade 70 steel plate,S/A533 Grade A CL1 boiler steel plate,S/A533GrAcl2 pressure vessel steel plate,S/A533GrACL3 steel plate,S/A533GrB boiler steel plate,S/A537CL1 steel plate,S/A537CL2 boiler steel plate,S/A537CL3 steel plate.

Chemical composition of Product analysis for SA285 Grade A pressure vessel steel plate (Max %)


Steel Grade

      Main chemical composition of A285 Grade A






A285 Grade A