Comparison of A516 Gr.70 and A516 GR.60
Source:Xin Steel Industry   Date:2015/10/16


Steel grades A516 GR.70 and A516 GR.60 are both in steel specification ASTM A516/A516M (This standard specification for pressure vessel plates,carbon steel,for moderate and low temperature service)

In mechanical property,steel plate grade A516 GR.70 is most common used in moderate and low temperature boilers.It owned a higher tensile strength within 485-620Mpa and yield strength above 260Mpa.However,steel grade A516 GR.60 owned a lower tensile strength than A516 Grr.70 within 415-550Mpa and minimum yield strength at 220Mpa.

In chemical composition,A516 gr.70 steel has a more range in Carbon contains than A516 gr.60 steel.So A516 gr.70 owned a higher strength in steel property.

General additional requirements for steel grades A516Gr70 and A516Gr60 shall be conform to ASTM specification A20/A20M.



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