GB/T 706 Q355D U channel steel export to Singapore

Low temperature steel materials GB/T 706 Q355D U channel steel export to our regular customer from Singapore.This order weight is 56 metric tons Q355D C 20#B channel steel and 38 metric tons Q355D C10# channel steel.We resource these Q355D channel steel from our Shanghai ChuanLiu warehouse and Shandong Wenchang Warehouse.All channels are ready for shipment within 5 days after ordered.

Q355D channel steel have to be done low temperature impacting test at minus 20 Degree Centigrade.Besides Q355D steel grade,we also stock other grades as Q355B channel steel,Q355C channel steel,Q355E channel steel,S355JR channel steel,S355J2 channel steel,A36 Channel steel.The stock dimension as belows:

C 10# 100×48×5.3×8.5; C 12# 120×53×5.5×9; C 14#A 140×58×6.0×9.5;
C 14#B 140×60×8.0×9.5; C 16#A 160×63×6.5×10; C 16#B 160×65×8.5×10;
C 18#A 180×68×7.0×10.5; C 20#A 200×73×7.0×11; C 20#B 200×75×9.0×11;
C 22#A 220×77×7.0×11.5; C 22#B 220×79×9.0×11.5; C 25#B 250×80×9.0×12;